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The ‘Marvelous’ Guide To Become Ultra-Wealthy

Wealthy Mind

Wealthy MindIf you are looking to become money magnet or want to attract more money in your life then you have arrived at the right place. It is very important for you to think and work like a millionaire if you want to attract money in your bank.

I created this guide after researching on the lives of self-made millionaires. Till now I have read over 100 hours of interviews, question answers and seminars of self-made millionaire. After getting success with this guide, I decided to share it with everyone who feels that he has caught in his ‘average’ job and want to attract more money to his bank account.

In this guide, you will find out 7 success principles that can flip the switch of your mind and leads toward success. These 7 success principles are not the one that you often see all over the world instead these 7 principles are used by millionaire. These principles will turn your ordinary brain in millionaire’s brain.

Ok let’s talk about these success principles

Principle #1 – Update Principle:

Update Principle is the secret behind the success of all self-made millionaire. Many successful people follow this principle either intentionally or unintentionally. If you want to get success then it is important for you to keep your business and your skills updated with the latest technologies.

To remain ahead of your competition you have to think out-of-box to promote and sell your promote otherwise you will be left in the bandwagon. By keep on updating your skills, you will able to achieve full benefits of your life.

Principle #2 – Quick Decision Principle:

Successful people and self-made millionaires know the importance and art of making a quick and effective decision in their life. They know the importance to make a decision quickly and they also know the importance of their time.

Even the success of Warren Buffett lies on ‘YES’. According to Warren’s logic, the only thing that brings you closer to your goals is YES. If you want to get success in your life then you have to make a quick decision. Don’t worry if it becomes awrong decision. Successful people learn from their mistakes.

To create the habit of making a decision quickly and effectively, I want you to practice the skill of making a quick decision for one week. For example, clothes to wear in the office, whether to sign up training program or not etc. Give exactly 10 minutes for your every decision and, in the end, you will see how much time you left in your hands.

Principle #3 – 100% Responsibility Principle:

Warren BuffettSuccessful people and self-made millionaire like to own their success and failure as well. They don’t complaint anyone else for their failure instead they know they are responsible for their success and failure as well.

Start taking responsibility for your life and stop complaining your parents, boss, employees, education, money, nation and government.

If you are not getting success in your life then you are responsible for your situation. You can’t change anyone except YOU.

To make it as the habit you have to try and take responsibility for your mistakes. If you reach late for your meeting then don’t blame on traffic instead say something like, “I should have leave home earlier” and trust me you will gain a lot of respect from your boss.

Principle #4 – Important Asset Principle:

Most people think their car or house or company is the biggest asset which is unfortunately not true. I know if I ask you what is your biggest asset you may answer car or house. However, these are not your biggest asset.

Your Biggest Asset Is Your LIFE and WELL BEING!!

If you don’t listen to your body you will soon get sick and your life becomes short. Self-made millionaire knows the importance of their life and that is why they do every step to release stress from their body.

If you write your schedule on the piece of paper then I am sure you can arrange half an hour for your body and in this 30 minutes to keep sit quietly in the room and let your mind and body release stress. Additionally, another great way to utilize these 30 minutes is by listening hypnosis track that you can download from Total Money Magnetism member area.

Principle #5 – Growth Principle:

Money GrowthDo you want to know the crucial difference between successful and unsuccessful people?

Unsuccessful people see additional money as the opportunity to SPEND on new luxuries in their life while successful people see additional money as the opportunity to GROW their wealth.

Keep one thing in your mind,

You never become wealthy or millionaire by living in the debt. Instead of purchasing luxuries on credit then paying INTEREST on them you have to save money for the future benefit. This is why millionaires EARN before they SPEND.

The only time I suggest borrowing money is when you have some opportunity to invest in an asset that guarantee to bring you money or guarantee to improve your skill set (such as investing in the business course). So I want you to save and invest as much money you have and avoid borrowing money as much as possible.

Principle #6 – The ‘Rubber Band’ Principle:

Another thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is the ability to bounce back. I saw many millionaires that have special ability to bounce back doesn’t matter what life throws at them.

It doesn’t matter how much wealthy you will become problems and roadblocks will keep on hunting you down and it is up to you how you handle these difficulties.

You have to make sure no problem or roadblock can stop you from your goal. You have to fight against your problems. Don’t see your problems as burden in your life instead see them as the opportunity to grow. Once you apply this ‘Rubber Band’ principle you will start enjoying your life. Additionally, this is scientifically proven step to achieve success in your life.

Principle #7 – The ‘Mind Break’ Principle:

After researching on the lives of wealthy and millionaires, I found one thing interesting and that is Mind Break. This ‘Mind Break’ is not same to usual lunch break instead it is planned block of time where they take time out from their busy schedule and let their mind bring up with new creativity.

This Mind Break principle is very commonly used by Dr. Steve G. John (author of Total Money Magnetism) and this is how he gets new ideas into his mind.

You can get this ‘mind break’ anytime in your busy day.

To create the habit of ‘mind break’ I want you to have 20-30 minutes from your busy schedule and make sure there are no distractions (Yes you have to keep your phone in silent mode). First get comfortable in the quiet place and let your thoughts drift. It is possible that you will not come up with the idea after every session but it is very effective for fueling your creativity.


Ok here are all the seven principle that millionaires have used and still using in their life. There are many people who read this guide but only those will get success who will apply these principles in their life. No one can hand you blueprint to become a millionaire it is YOUR MIND that can lead you to success in your life.

I hope you find this guide helpful and please apply these 7 principles in your life and update me with your results.

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