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What is the highest attendance for a non-league game in England?

Magdeburg fans are still turning up in numbers to watch their team in the German third division.

“Much is formed of who is top at Christmas (roughly marking the season’s halfway point),” tweets Colm Kearns. “Which clubs are ‘winter champions’ (as the Italian phrase goes) the foremost times without ever winning the league title? Or a minimum of , whose ‘winter titles’ outnumber their official ones?”

“Looking at top-flight clubs only, I can find a good amount of teams with two ‘winter championships’ but no full league titles,” writes James Clarke. Here goes:

Germany: Bayer Leverkusen (2001 and 2009), Schalke (1971 and 2000) – they won the championship repeatedly before the creation of the Bundesliga but this was a knockout tournament instead of a league so i feel they still count. But lower down the leagues in England there’s (I think) an undisputed champion for never converting top position at Christmas into a title. Wycombe Wanderers haven’t won a league title within the league . But they were at the highest of League Two at Christmas in 2005, 2008 and 2014. They were also top of League One on Christmas this year – so on past form might be on for a fourth failed conversion of a ‘winter title’.

Also relevant to the present season: the team to possess thrown away the foremost ‘winter titles’ is Liverpool. On nine occasions they were top of the league at Christmas (eight within the top flight and once within the second tier), and since the last time they managed to win the league in 89-90 they need spent Christmas on top of the league five times (1990, 1996, 2008, 2013, 2018).”

“I read that Rotherham haven’t played a game since 12 December thanks to the large freeze,” began Jeremy Fitch in 2010. “What is that the longest period a team hasn’t played a competitive game during a football season?”

“The answer is Bolton consistent with ‘The trivia lover’s guide to football stories and facts’ that I picked up within the Boots January sale for a few of quid,” wrote Joe Rowsell. “The book states that ‘Bolton Wanderers suffered the longest period united history without playing a match. After their 1-0 convert Spurs on 8 December 1962, they were unable to require to the sector again until 16 February 1963, once they lost 3-2 to Arsenal.’” therein same year Rangers also went two months without playing. agen sbobet online

“With the regularity of normal National League coverage and therefore the BBC showing FA Cup qualifying matches on the red button, what’s currently the most important English club (let’s say in terms of current position within the league pyramid) to possess never played a game on live TV?” asks Simon Tyers.

“Seeing that Jordan Henderson seems to possess developed his own special trophy lift, are there other footballers who can claim the same?” asks Gareth Bell-Jones.

“With the appointment of Mikel Arteta following the sacking of Unai Emery, Arsenal have the excellence of employing two successive Basque managers,” notes Oliver Farry. “Has this ever happened outside of Spain before? Is it even common in Spain outside the Basque Country?”

“Pablo Zabaleta and Pablo Fornals both scored in West Ham’s 2-0 convert Gillingham. is that this the primary time two different Pablos have scored within the same game for an English team?” asks George Jones.

VAR seems as far away as ever in Scotland despite Rangers weighing in

Nikola Katic celebrates scoring the winner at Celtic last month – but Rangers were still unhappy and issued a call for VAR after the game.

Perhaps Rangers genuinely believe VAR would benefit the Scottish game. Maybe Celtic’s silent, subtle opposition is well founded on the idea of farce upon farce in England. Yet little or no of the Old Firm’s general behaviour over decades implies the greater good is of prime concern. the most important clubs enjoy marginal calls, especially reception , so why would the Glasgow giants – now jousting again for trophies – want an alteration to the status quo?

Further subplots to the present debate, should the SPFL let it happen , are fascinating. Maxwell has come struggling from referees, who feel they might be left behind in respect of European appointments should Scotland – which still doesn’t utilise goalline technology – rebuff VAR. This exists in, among other places, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic , Greece, Israel and Poland. Although the argument of these officials is slightly spurious – Uefa provides its own VAR training – it’s reasonable for them to fear backwards movement in years to return . the extent of vitriol and conspiracy chucked at Scottish referees, and particularly when the Old Firm are in close competition, renders it perfectly correct for them to hunt assistance.

So much of Scotland’s football deciding , even for clubs at the upper echelon, revolves around finance. It remains a stretch to suggest Hamilton, Livingston or maybe Motherwell will gladly remove tens of thousands of pounds from their annual bottom line for VAR. For context, even £50,000 could instead be invested during a first-team player at that level. a replacement and enhanced television affect Sky Sports, which kicks in next season, provides upcoming commercial leeway but there’s little indication of clubs having an appetite to divert money towards a system routinely derided in England. agen judi bola terbaik

There would be infrastructure challenges, again finance-linked. Screens would wish to be erected at umpteen Premiership grounds if the in-game experience is to be properly modified for VAR. Although bases exist for a possible Stockley Park equivalent, provision of suitable connectivity – Scotland’s Premiership is played in places as remote as Dingwall – would be a challenge. VAR are often implemented from as few as four live broadcast cameras per match, the amount deployed at smaller Premiership games in Scotland, but should a scarcity of angles cause ambiguity, would this “cheap” sort of VAR be lambasted?

There is a growing acceptance that England’s application of VAR, instead of the concept, has proved problematic. Still, events there’ll be a key point of reference because the SPFL’s clubs finally get round to a VAR decision which has been even more protracted than offside involves goals within the Premier League. the chances remain against Scotland taking fresh technology on board. You get the distinct impression the SPFL isn’t in the least perturbed by that.